IOC is Now Available for Service Center

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June 3, 2014

To: All DXN Services Centers

RE: IOC Now is Available for Service Centers

Dear Service Center Operators:

IOC for Service Center is now available starting June 1st 2014: It is Simple, It's Easy, To Earn 135 ISV. SC will only need to do ONE Step: Turn In (fax or email) the IOC Letter Of Intent, Purchase Order form and Membership Application form *(for New Members). Please write down your SC ID on all the IOC LOI forms.

Current SC Traditional MLM practice Vs IOC:

Traditional MLM IOC
Own Capital to purchase Inventory Yes No Need
Storage for inventory Yes No Need. DXN will direct ship to member with $7 shipping
Admin work to input invoices and inventory turn over Yes No Need. DXN will process for you
Receive Service Center Incentive Yes Yes. Same as current Incentive Calculation

So don't wait and promote the IOC.


Daxen Inc.